swMATH ID: 16710
Software Authors: Regev, Alon; Regev, Amitai; Zeilberger, Doron
Description: Sn a Maple package that finds explicit expressions, and if not available, recurrence relations, for sequences defined by sums of squares (and other powers) of the characters of the symmetric group Sn, χλ(μ), where the sums are over all shapes λ with a bounded number of rows, or included in a meta-hook, and μ has ‘mostly’ ones. It accompanies Alon Regev, Amitai Regev,and Doron Zeilberger’s article: Identities in character tables of Sn.
Homepage: http://www.math.rutgers.edu/~zeilberg/programs.html
Dependencies: Maple
Related Software: OEIS; MultiZeilberger; Maple
Referenced in: 2 Publications

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