swMATH ID: 16848
Software Authors: L. Malka, J. Katz
Description: VMCrypt: modular software architecture for scalable secure computation. Garbled circuit play a key role in secure computation, but existing implementations do not scale and are not modular. In this paper we present VMCrypt, a library for secure computation. This library introduces novel algorithms that, regardless of the circuit being garbled or its size, have a very small memory requirement and use no disk storage. By providing an API (Abstract Programming Interface), VMCrypt can be integrated into existing projects and customized without any modifications to its source code. We measured the performance of VMCrypt on several circuits with undreds of millions of gates. These are the largest scalable secure computations done to date.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2046787
Related Software: TASTY; FairplayMP; VIFF; SCAPI; Sharemind; MiniLEGO; ABY; JustGarble; Crypto++
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