swMATH ID: 16927
Software Authors: Belinda Giardine, Cathy Riemer, Ross C. Hardison, Richard Burhans, Laura Elnitski, Prachi Shah, Yi Zhang, Daniel Blankenberg, Istvan Albert, James Taylor, Webb Miller, W. James Kent, Anton Nekrutenko
Description: Galaxy: A platform for interactive large-scale genome analysis. Accessing and analyzing the exponentially expanding genomic sequence and functional data pose a challenge for biomedical researchers. Here we describe an interactive system, Galaxy, that combines the power of existing genome annotation databases with a simple Web portal to enable users to search remote resources, combine data from independent queries, and visualize the results. The heart of Galaxy is a flexible history system that stores the queries from each user; performs operations such as intersections, unions, and subtractions; and links to other computational tools. Galaxy can be accessed at http://g2.bx.psu.edu.
Homepage: https://galaxyproject.org/
Related Software: Bioconductor; R; TopHat; edgeR; STAR; BLAT; KEGG; BEDTools; DAVID; BioMart; NGS QC Toolkit; FastQC; HTSeq; rmarkdown; Sweave; Soap; Aber-OWL; Ontobee; DEseq; Clustal X
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