swMATH ID: 16945
Software Authors: Michiel Vos, Tim A. H. te Beek, Marc A. van Driel, Martijn A. Huynen, Adam Eyre-Walker, Mark W. J. van Passel
Description: ODoSE: A Webserver for Genome-Wide Calculation of Adaptive Divergence in Prokaryotes. Quantifying patterns of adaptive divergence between taxa is a major goal in the comparative and evolutionary study of prokaryote genomes. When applied appropriately, the McDonald-Kreitman (MK) test is a powerful test of selection based on the relative frequency of non-synonymous and synonymous substitutions between species compared to non-synonymous and synonymous polymorphisms within species. The webserver ODoSE (Ortholog Direction of Selection Engine) allows the calculation of a novel extension of the MK test, the Direction of Selection (DoS) statistic, as well as the calculation of a weighted-average Neutrality Index (NI) statistic for the entire core genome, allowing for systematic analysis of the evolutionary forces shaping core genome divergence in prokaryotes. ODoSE is hosted in a Galaxy environment, which makes it easy to use and amenable to customization and is freely available at www.odose.nl.
Homepage: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0062447
Related Software: itsmr; FastQC; Nebula; Cistrome; ITSM2000; R
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