swMATH ID: 170
Software Authors: Hossain, Shahadat
Description: CsegGraph: a graph colouring instance generator. The implementation of a graph generator associated with the estimation of mathematical derivatives is described. The graph colouring instances are obtained as intersection graphs G Π (A) of the sparsity pattern of A∈ℜ m×n with row partition Π. The size of the graph is dependent on the row partition; the number of vertices can be varied between the number of columns (using single block row partition Π=Π 1 ) and the number of nonzero entries of A (using m-block row partition Π=Π m ). The chromatic number of the generated graph instances satisfy χ(G(A))≡χ(G Π m (A)). A summary of colouring results on the ColSegSet problems is presented. We also show that the main idea of the graph instance generator can be extended to general undirected graphs
Homepage: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00207160903023565
Keywords: column-segments graph; sparse matrix; mathematical derivative
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CsegGraph: a graph colouring instance generator. Zbl 1190.05070
Hossain, Shahadat

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