swMATH ID: 17040
Software Authors: Arnason, A.Neil; Schwarz, Carl J.
Description: POPAN stands for POPulation ANalysis. It is a computer system for creating and maintaining files of mark-recapture data from animal sampling experiments of open populations. Such files can then be listed, or statistics can be extracted from the entire file or subsets of the file, and a number of standard analyses can be carried out, using models of the Jolly-Seber type. POPAN also includes the ability to fit customised log-linear and constrained maximum log-likelihood (MLL) models; as in program Mark you can impose arbitrary temporal, group and covariate constraints and you can select the best model using MLL tests and AIC. While Mark permits a wider class of encounter histories and constraints, it is primarily for estimating survival and capture rates. POPAN, in addition, permits estimation of abundance and recruitment rates and is the only general customised analysis system with these capabilities.
Homepage: http://www.cs.umanitoba.ca/~popan/
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