swMATH ID: 17042
Software Authors: C.C. Rankin, F.A. Brogan, W.A. Loden, H.D. Cabiness
Description: STAGS (STructural Analysis of General Shells [1-7]) is a finite element code for general-purpose nonlinear analysis of stiffened shell structures of arbitrary shape and complexity. Its capabilities include stress, stability, vibration, and transient analyses with both material and geometric nonlinearities permitted in all analysis types. STAGS includes enhancements, such as a higher order thick shell element, more advanced nonlinear solution strategies, and more comprehensive post-processing features such as a link with STAPL, a postprocessor used to generate many of the figures in this paper: figures that display the STAGS model, such as Figs. 1a-c and 2, for example. (Figure 2 from the paper cited above is shown below.) Research and development of STAGS by Rankin, Brogan, Almroth, Stanley, Cabiness, Stehlin and others, formerly of the Computational Mechanics Department of the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, has been under continuous sponsorship from U.S. government agencies for the past 40 years. During this time particular emphasis has been placed on improvement of the capability to solve difficult nonlinear problems such as the prediction of the behavior of axially compressed stiffened panels loaded far into their locally post-buckled states. STAGS has been extensively used worldwide for the evaluation of stiffened panels and shells loaded well into their locally post-buckled states. See [7], for example.
Homepage: http://shellbuckling.com/STAGS.php
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Further Publications: http://shellbuckling.com/STAGS.php#references

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