swMATH ID: 17174
Software Authors: Pierleoni A, Martelli PL, Fariselli P, Casadio R
Description: BaCelLo: a balanced subcellular localization predictor. Motivation. The knowledge of the subcellular localization of a protein is fundamental for elucidating its function. It is difficult to determine the subcellular location for eukaryotic cells with experimental high-throughput procedures. Computational procedures are then needed for annotating the subcellular location of proteins in large scale genomic projects. Results. BaCelLo is a predictor for five classes of subcellular localization (secretory pathway, cytoplasm, nucleus, mitochondrion and chloroplast) and it is based on different SVMs organized in a decision tree. The system exploits the information derived from the residue sequence and from the evolutionary information contained in alignment profiles. It analyzes the whole sequence composition and the compositions of both the N- and C-termini. The training set is curated in order to avoid redundancy. For the first time a balancing procedure is introduced in order to mitigate the effect of biased training sets. Three kingdom-specific predictors are implemented: for animals, plants and fungi, respectively. When distributing the proteins from animals and fungi into four classes, accuracy of BaCelLo reach 74
Homepage: http://gpcr.biocomp.unibo.it/bacello/
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