swMATH ID: 17361
Software Authors: CivlGEO, Inc.; Chris Maeder
Description: GeoHECRAS significantly speeds up HEC-RAS model creation and review, producing better and more accurate results. Rapidly construct HEC‑RAS models from a variety of data sources. Accelerate engineering workflow and streamline analysis review. Compute water surface profiles for steady and unsteady flow models, bridge, and culvert roadway crossings, FEMA floodplain encroachments, stream restorations, inline reservoir structures, off-channel storage areas, and much more.
Homepage: http://www.civilgeo.com/geo-hec-ras/
Dependencies: HEC-RAS
Keywords: HEC-RAS; GeoHECRAS; HEC-RAS Software; Civil Engineering Software; River Analysis Software
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