swMATH ID: 1737
Software Authors: Dugaro, Steven Peter; Polthier, Konrad
Description: Visualizing maple plots with JavaViewLib. This paper documents the authors’ efforts on Java View Lib to establish connectivity between Java View and Maple plots, unite their strengths and extend their functionality. It provides a superior viewing environment to enhance plots in Maple by adding several features to plots’ interactivity, such as mouse-controlled scaling, translation, rotation in 2d, 3d, 4d, auto-view modes, animation, picking, material colors, texture and transparency. The arc-ball rotation makes geometry viewing smoother and less directionally constrained than in Maple. Furthermore, it offers geometric modeling features that allow plots to be manipulated and imported into a worksheet. Via Java View Lib geometries can be exported from Maple to a variety of modeling packages. JVL is available as an official Maple Powertool.
Homepage: http://www.javaview.de/maple/
Dependencies: Maple
Keywords: Computer graphics; computational geometry
Related Software: Maple; Cinderella; JavaView
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Visualizing maple plots with JavaViewLib. Zbl 1027.68130
Dugaro, Steven Peter; Polthier, Konrad

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