swMATH ID: 17408
Software Authors: Nicholas A. Battista, W. Christopher Strickland, Laura A. Miller
Description: IB2d: a Python and MATLAB implementation of the immersed boundary method. The development of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) software involves trade-offs between ease of use, generality, performance, and cost. Typically there are large learning curves when using low-level software to model the interaction of an elastic structure immersed in a uniform density fluid. Many existing codes are not publicly available, and the commercial software that exists usually requires expensive licenses and may not be as robust or allow the necessary flexibility that in house codes can provide. We present an open source immersed boundary software package, IB2d, with full implementations in both MATLAB and Python, that is capable of running a vast range of biomechanics models and is accessible to scientists who have experience in high-level programming environments. IB2d contains multiple options for constructing material properties of the fiber structure, as well as the advection-diffusion of a chemical gradient, muscle mechanics models, and artificial forcing to drive boundaries with a preferred motion.
Homepage: https://github.com/nickabattista/IB2d
Source Code:  https://github.com/nickabattista/IB2d
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: VisIt; Matlab; Python; COMSOL; ParaView; IBAMR; OpenFOAM; pyIBM; MatIB; libMesh; SAMRAI; PETSc; IBIS; IIMPACK; DGM; DeepXDE; Adam; PyTorch; ManifoldID; OpenDrift
Cited in: 6 Publications

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