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Software Authors: Cai, Guoray
Description: GeoVIBE: A visual interface for geographic digital libraries Users of spatial digital libraries normally select documents of interest based on both their geographical and topical relevancy in relation to specified queries. This paper proposes an integrated and flexible geographic information retrieval and browsing tool, GeoVIBE, which combines a geographical model and a vector space model to form document representations that are tightly linked. At the user interface, GeoVIBE consists of two types of browsing windows, GeoView and VibeView, which work in coordination for visual navigation in the document space. GeoView imposes a geographical order to the document space based on the idea of document “footprints” that may be cartographically visualized to reveal the spatial structure of the document space. VibeView is a visual presentation of document space defined by multiple reference points, similar to that of VIBE interface by Olson and colleagues (1993). By smooth integration of two browsing strategies, GeoVIBE enables users to search information using geographic clues as well as thematic clues
Homepage: http://spatial.ist.psu.edu/cai/cai-LNCS2539-0171.pdf
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GeoVIBE: A visual interface for geographic digital libraries. Zbl 1024.68654
Cai, Guoray

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