swMATH ID: 17477
Software Authors: Cautun, M., Schaap, W., van de Weygaert, R
Description: The DTFE public software - The Delaunay Tessellation Field Estimator code. We present the DTFE public software, a code for reconstructing fields from a discrete set of samples/measurements using the maximum of information contained in the point distribution. The code is written in C++ using the CGAL library and is parallelized using OpenMP. The software was designed for the analysis of cosmological data but can be used in other fields where one must interpolate quantities given at a discrete point set. The software comes with a wide suite of options to facilitate the analysis of 2- and 3-dimensional data and of both numerical simulations and galaxy redshift surveys. For comparison purposes, the code also implements the TSC and SPH grid interpolation methods. The code comes with an extensive user guide detailing the program options, examples and the inner workings of the code. The DTFE public software and further information can be found at http://www.astro.rug.nl/ voronoi/DTFE/dtfe.html
Homepage: http://www.astro.rug.nl/~voronoi/DTFE/dtfe.html
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Cited in: 11 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.astro.rug.nl/~voronoi/DTFE/papers.html

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