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Software Authors: J. Kunegis
Description: KONECT — The Koblenz Network Collection. We present the Koblenz Network Collection (KONECT), a project to collect network datasets in the areas of web science, network science and related areas, as well as provide tools for their analysis. In the cited areas, a surprisingly large number of very heterogeneous data can be modeled as networks and consequently, a unified representation of networks can be used to gain insight into many kinds of problems. Due to the emergence of the World Wide Web in the last decades many such datasets are now openly available. The KONECT project thus has the goal of collecting many diverse network datasets from the Web, and providing a way for their systematic study. The main parts of KONECT are (1) a collection of over 160 network datasets, consisting of directed, undirected, unipartite, bipartite, weighted, unweighted, signed and temporal networks collected from the Web, (2) a Matlab toolbox for network analysis and (3) a website giving a compact overview the various computed statistics and plots. In this paper, we describe KONECT’s taxonomy of networks datasets, give an overview of the datasets included, review the supported statistics and plots, and briefly discuss KONECT’s role in the area of web science and network science
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2488173
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