swMATH ID: 175
Software Authors: Cools, Ronald; Haegemans, Ann
Description: CUBPACK aims to offer a collection of re-usable code for automatic n-dimensional (n greater than or equal to 1) numerical integration of functions over a collection of regions, i.e., quadrature and cubature. The current version allows this region to consist of a union of n-simplices and n-parellellepids. The framework of CUBPACK is described as well as its user interface. The functionality of several well known routines is embedded. New features include integration algorithms using the epsilon-algorithm for extrapolation for regions other than triangles and the implementation of a new type of subdivision for 3-cubes.
Homepage: http://nines.cs.kuleuven.be/software/CUBPACK/
Keywords: CUBPACK; numerical multidimensional integration; singular and discontinuous integrands; efficiency
Related Software: Cubpack++; Matlab; adsimp; QUADPACK; TESTPACK; TRIEX; coteglob; CHEBINT; Octave; r2d2lri; DECUHR; Chebfun; Algorithm 720; CUBTRI; quadva; Algorithm 145; quadgk; OPQ; TEST_INT; AMGKQ
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Further Publications: http://nines.cs.kuleuven.be/research/publications/

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CUBPACK: Progress report. Zbl 0741.65013
Cools, Ronald; Haegemans, Ann

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