swMATH ID: 17560
Software Authors: Altair Engineering, Inc.
Description: HyperWorks Packaged Solutions. HyperWorks “Packaged Solution Offerings” (PSOs) are fully-supported software stack solutions that leverage a client’s investment in Altair’s software and licensing model to streamline CAE workflows and solve specialized industry vertical engineering problems. Developed, implemented and supported by Altair’s Enterprise Solutions business team, all PSOs run on HyperWorks Units and are designed to be rapidly deployed and customizable to meet unique client/IT requirements.
Homepage: http://www.altair.de/Company.aspx?t=2&top_nav_name=Services&item_name=HyperWorks%20Solutions
Related Software: top.m; Matlab; ESOFRAME; MersenneTwister; OptiStruct; TexGen; UnitCells; ABAQUS; TASCflow; STAR-CD; FLUENT; DAKOTA; LS-DYNA
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