swMATH ID: 17734
Software Authors: Deslippe J, Samsonidze G, Strubbe D A, et al.
Description: BerkeleyGW: A massively parallel computer package for the calculation of the quasiparticle and optical properties of materials and nanostructures. BerkeleyGW is a massively parallel computational package for electron excited-state properties that is based on the many-body perturbation theory employing the ab initio GW and GW plus Bethe–Salpeter equation methodology. It can be used in conjunction with many density-functional theory codes for ground-state properties, including PARATEC, PARSEC, Quantum ESPRESSO, SIESTA, and Octopus. The package can be used to compute the electronic and optical properties of a wide variety of material systems from bulk semiconductors and metals to nanostructured materials and molecules. The package scales to 10 000s of CPUs and can be used to study systems containing up to 100s of atoms.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/AELG_v1_0.html
Related Software: Quantum Espresso; ABINIT; exciting; lobpcg.m; KSSOLV; OpenAtom; CHARM++; TRIQS; SIESTA; Wannier90; AMULET; Questaal; ComDMFT; w2dynamics; DCore; Elk; FLEUR; iQIST; OpenMx; WIEN2k
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