swMATH ID: 17737
Software Authors: Lingen EJ, Stroeven M
Description: Jive is a programming toolkit that is aimed at solving partial differential equations (PDEs). It provides a set of classes and functions and data structures for transforming a PDE into a system of equations; for solving such a system of equations; and for computing quantities derived from the solution. In particular, Jive provides classes for: storing and building grids and meshes; storing and building (sparse) matrices; solving systems of equations; evaluating shape functions and integrals; finding objects near a point; adding and deleting degrees of freedom on the fly; running simulations on parallel computers; making checkpoints (enabling restarts); and for visualizing results in real time. Jive is not a ready-to-run program that computes an answer given a set of input parameters. To make use of Jive you will have to write your own program – or modify one of the example programs that come with Jive – that computes the solution of a particular PDE. This may take a bit more time than simply starting a ready-to-run program, but it also enables you to tailor your program to the PDE to be solved. What is more, Jive enables you to solve virtually any type of PDE whereas a ready-to-run programs are restricted to a limited set of PDE types. In fact, Jive is currrently being used to solve PDEs arising in fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, particle dynamics, stochastic material analyses, among others.
Homepage: https://software.dynaflow.com/jive/
Related Software: Gmsh; Jem; ParaView; XFEM
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