swMATH ID: 17746
Software Authors: D. Ruiz, M. Villaret
Description: TILC: The Interactive Lambda-Calculus Tracer. This paper introduces TILC: the interactive lambda-calculus tracer. TILC aims to be a friendly user graphical application that helps teaching/studying the main basic concepts of pure untyped lambda-calculus. This is achieved by allowing users to graphically interact with a sort of parse-tree of the lambda-terms and automatically reproducing these interactions in the lambda-term. This graphical interaction encourages students to practice with lambda-terms easing the learning of the syntax and of the operational semantics of lambda-calculus. TILC has been built using HASKELL, and the tools wxHaskell and Happy. It can be freely downloaded from http://ima.udg.edu/ villaret/tilc/.
Homepage: http://ima.udg.edu/~villaret/tilc/
Related Software: Anagopos; Tulip; Graphviz
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