swMATH ID: 1779
Software Authors: Natarajan, Narayanan; Hafid, Abdelhakim; Falchuk, Ben; Roy, Arunendu; Pastor, Jorge; Kim, Young
Description: MetaNet: A distributed network management system for information delivery and planning with quality of service guarantees. MetaNet is a network management system that provides end-to-end communication services with QoS and communication planning support for mission critical applications. It supports immediate and advance resource reservation, and provides information on immediate and future available communication capacity taking into account network configuration and traffic. MetaNet supports these services over multiple heterogeneous networks. The MetaNet consists of a number of PoPs (Point of Presence); each PoP is associated with one or more communication networks. PoPs realize the functionality within their networks and coordinate with each other to realize the end-to-end functionality. Associated with each network is an Adapter that hides from the PoP the network technology specific QoS model and mechanisms.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/8jpnrb768a5w75ky/
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