swMATH ID: 1787
Software Authors: de Mello, Rodrigo F.; Paiva, Maria Stela V.; Trevelin, Lu\'\i s Carlos; Gonzaga, Adilson
Description: OpenTella: A peer-to-peer protocol for the load balancing in a system formed by a cluster from clusters The search for the high performance in the traditional computing systems has been related to the development of specific applications executed over parallel machines. However, the cost of this kind of system, which is high due to the hardware involved in these projects, has limited the continuing development in these areas, as just a small part of the community has access to those systems. With the aim of using a low cost hardware to achieve a high performance, this paper presents the OpenTella, a protocol based on the peer-to-peer models to update the information related to the occupation of resources and an analysis of this occupation for a post migration of processes among computers of a cluster.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/4jf1mgjtpvxynbkp/
Keywords: Peer-to-peer; cluster computing; load balancing; high-performance; process migration.
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