swMATH ID: 17872
Software Authors: Vergés, J.A.
Description: Computational implementation of the Kubo formula for the static conductance: application to two-dimensional quantum dots. Kubo’s formula is used to get the DC conductance of a statistical ensemble of two-dimensional clusters of the square lattice in the presence of standard diagonal disorder, a uniform magnetic field and random magnetic fluxes. Working within a one-band tight-binding approach the calculation is quite general. The shape of the cluster is rectangular with ideal leads attached to opposite corners. Both geometrical characteristics and physical parameters can be easily selected. The output is just the conductance of a system of given parameters or a statistical ensemble of conductances measured for different disorder realizations.
Homepage: http://www.cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ADKI_v1_0.html
Keywords: conductance; Kubo formula; one-band two-dimensional tight-binding Hamiltonian; magnetic field; random fluxes; diagonal disorder
Related Software: CUDA
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