swMATH ID: 1788
Software Authors: Bause, F.; Beilner, H.; Fischer, M.; Kemper, P.; Völker, M.
Description: The ProC/B toolset for the modelling and analysis of process chains This paper presents a toolset for modelling and analysing logistic networks. The toolset includes a graphical user interface accommodating a “Process Chains” view. It supports model analysis by a variety of methods including simulative, algebraic and numerical techniques. An object-based, hierarchical structure helps to keep track of large models. The hierarchy employs the notion of function units which may include subordinate function units, where function units provide services to their environments that are internally accomplished by calling services of subordinate function units. This point of view is very much along the structures found in real world organisations. We describe and analyse a model of a supply chain to demonstrate the capabilities of the toolset.
Homepage: http://brd4.ort.org.il/~pnina/Seminar/ProcB.pdf
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