swMATH ID: 1794
Software Authors: StreamIt developers; Thies, W., Karczmarek, M., Amarasinghe, S.
Description: StreamIt is a programming language and a compilation infrastructure, specifically engineered for modern streaming systems. It is designed to facilitate the programming of large streaming applications, as well as their efficient and effective mapping to a wide variety of target architectures, including commercial-off-the-shelf uniprocessors, multicore architectures, and clusters of workstations.
Homepage: http://groups.csail.mit.edu/cag/streamit/shtml/documentation.shtml
Programming Languages: Java
Related Software: z3; Kendo; PARSEC; SPLASH-2; LLVM; Ptolemy; HAMPI; Valgrind; Sigma*; CPAchecker; KLEE; MiBench; CUTE; OpenUH; Cetus; CoArray; ANTLR; FDR2; Cilk; CapoOne
Cited in: 10 Publications

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