swMATH ID: 1801
Software Authors: De Giacomo; Lespérance, Y.; Levesque, H.J.
Description: ConGolog, a concurrent programming language based on the situation calculus As an alternative to planning, an approach to high-level agent control based on concurrent program execution is considered. A formal definition in the situation calculus of such a programming language is presented and illustrated with some examples. The language includes facilities for prioritizing the execution of concurrent processes, interrupting the execution when certain conditions become true, and dealing with exogenous actions. The language differs from other procedural formalisms for concurrency in that the initial state can be incompletely specified and the primitive actions can be user-defined by axioms in the situation calculus. Some mathematical properties of the language are proven, for instance, that the proposed semantics is equivalent to that given earlier for the portion of the language without concurrency.
Homepage: http://www.cs.toronto.edu/cogrobo/main/systems/
Keywords: cognitive robotics; reasoning about actions; situation calculus; semantics of programs; concurrency
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