swMATH ID: 18054
Software Authors: Sunderland, D.; Stanek, C.; Wirth, B.; Capps, N.; Williamson, R.
Description: Validation of Peregrine with Test Reactor Data. At the end of September, Pellet-Cladding Interaction (PCI) Challenge Problem Integrator Robert Montgomery reported that good progress has been made in demonstrating the Peregrine LWR fuel performance modeling software. The Peregrine fuel performance analysis computer program is being developed to provide a single rod 3-dimensional fuel performance modeling capability to assess safety margins and the impact of plant operation and fuel rod design on the thermo-mechanical behavior of nuclear fuel. Peregrine is built using the Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) computational framework architecture developed at Idaho National Laboratory, and uses the finite element method for geometric representation and a Jacobian-free, Newton-Krylov scheme to solve systems of partial differential equations. Peregrine also leverages key capabilities built into the Bison general purpose fuel modeling system. The ability to employ massively parallel computational capabilities is a key advantage to using Peregrine to study nuclear fuel performance, especially for multi-dimensional, multi-physics phenomena.
Homepage: http://www.casl.gov/highlights/Validation_of_Peregrine_with_Test_Reactor_Data.shtml
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