swMATH ID: 18095
Software Authors: Smolianski A
Description: Finite-element/level-set/operator-splitting (FELSOS) approach for computing two-fluid unsteady flows with free moving interfaces. The present work is devoted to the study on unsteady flows of two immiscible viscous fluids separated by free moving interface. Our goal is to elaborate a unified strategy for numerical modelling of two-fluid interfacial flows, having in mind possible interface topology changes (like merger or break-up) and realistically wide ranges for physical parameters of the problem. The proposed computational approach essentially relies on three basic components: the finite element method for spatial approximation, the operator-splitting for temporal discretization and the level-set method for interface representation. We show that the finite element implementation of the level-set approach brings some additional benefits as compared to the standard, finite difference level-set realizations. In particular, the use of finite elements permits to localize the interface precisely, without introducing any artificial parameters like the interface thickness; it also allows to maintain the second-order accuracy of the interface normal, curvature and mass conservation. The operator-splitting makes it possible to separate all major difficulties of the problem and enables us to implement the equal-order interpolation for the velocity and pressure. Diverse numerical examples including simulations of bubble dynamics, bifurcating jet flow and Rayleigh–Taylor instability are presented to validate the computational method.
Homepage: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/fld.823/full
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Cited in: 25 Publications

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