swMATH ID: 18107
Software Authors: MIT
Description: The MITgcm (MIT General Circulation Model) is a numerical model designed for study of the atmosphere, ocean, and climate. Its non-hydrostatic formulation enables it to simulate fluid phenomena over a wide range of scales; its adjoint capability enables it to be applied to parameter and state estimation problems. By employing fluid isomorphisms, one hydrodynamical kernel can be used to simulate flow in both the atmosphere and ocean.
Homepage: http://mitgcm.org/
Related Software: TAF; PETSc; TAPENADE; L-BFGS; OpenAD/F; revolve; LBFGS-B; L-BFGS-B; TAMC; mpi4py; Granular.jl; GASCOIGNE; MUMPS; neXtSIM; hypre; Firedrake; petsc4py; OpenCL; chammp; CUDA
Cited in: 17 Documents
Further Publications: http://mitgcm.org/publications/

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