Parallel netCDF

swMATH ID: 18128
Software Authors: J. Li, W.K. Liao, A. Choudhary, R. Ross, R. Thakur, W. Gropp, R. Latham, A. Siegel, B. Gallagher, M. Zingale
Description: Parallel netCDF (PnetCDF), a collaborative work of Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University, is a parallel I/O library for accessing NetCDF files in CDF-1, 2, and 5 formats. The CDF-5 file format, an extension of CDF-2, supports more data types and allows users to use 64-bit integers to define large dimensions, attributes, variables (> 2B array elements). NetCDF supports parallel I/O starting from version 4. Prior to version 4.1, the file format for parallel I/O operations is restricted to HDF5. Starting from release of 4.1, NetCDF users can also perform parallel I/O on files in classic formats (CDF-1, 2, and 5) through PnetCDF library underneath.
Homepage: http://cucis.ece.northwestern.edu/projects/PnetCDF/
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