swMATH ID: 18212
Software Authors: Smirnov, A.V.
Description: FIESTA 3: cluster-parallelizable multiloop numerical calculations in physical regions. The goal of this paper is to present a new major release of the program FIESTA (Feynman Integral Evaluation by a Sector decomposiTion Approach). This version presents features like cluster-parallelization, new asymptotic expansion algorithms, calculations in physical regions, new sector-decomposition strategies, as well as multiple speed, memory, and stability improvements.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/AECP_v3_0.html
Keywords: Feynman diagrams; multiloop Feynman integrals; dimensional regularization; computer algebra
Related Software: FIESTA; SecDec; LiteRed; FIRE; Cuba; FIRE5; Reduze; HyperInt; FORM; pySecDec; Hypexp; AIR; Normaliz; VEGAS; MBasymptotics; MBresolve; GiNaC; Mathematica; feyntrop; Kira
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