swMATH ID: 18314
Software Authors: Mark A. Christon, Jozsef Bakosi, Robert B. Lowrie
Description: Hydra-TH User’s Manual. Hydra-TH is a hybrid finite-element/finite-volume code built using the Hydra toolkit specifically to attack a broad class of incompressible, viscous fluid dynamics problems prevalent in the thermal- hydraulics community. The purpose for this manual is provide sufficient information for an expe- rience analyst to use Hydra-TH in an effective way. The Hydra-TH User’s Manual present a brief overview of capabilities and visualization interfaces. The execution and restart models are described before turning to the detailed description of keyword input. Finally, a series of example problems are presented with sufficient data to permit the user to verify the local installation of Hydra-TH, and to permit a convenient starting point for more detailed and complex analyses
Homepage: http://permalink.lanl.gov/object/tr?what=info:lanl-repo/lareport/LA-UR-12-23181
Related Software: Spalart-Allmaras; VERA; Trilinos; PETSc
Cited in: 1 Publication

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