swMATH ID: 18339
Software Authors: Wojciech W Grabowski; Piotr K Smolarkiewicz
Description: CRCP: a Cloud Resolving Convection Parameterization for modeling the tropical convecting atmosphere. A new computational approach, CRCP, is proposed in which both the large-scale (LS) tropical dynamics and cloud-scale (CS) dynamics are captured explicitly. The leading idea is to represent subgrid scales of the LS model by imbedding a 2D CS model in each column of the 3D LS model – the approach tailored for distributed memory architectures. The overall philosophy underlying CRCP is the reinvestment of efforts from large-eddy simulation to elaborate yet ‘embarrassingly parallel’ turbulence models. Similar as in the traditional ‘convection parameterization’, the LS model provides ‘ambient forcings’ for the CS model imbedded inside each LS column, and the CS model feeds back a ‘convective response’ for every column of the LS model. Furthermore, availability of the cloud-scale data allows for explicit coupling of moist convection with radiative and surface processes. Following our experience with cloud-resolving modeling of the tropical convection, the CS model is oriented along the E–W direction inside each LS model column. A simple strategy for the coupling the LS and CS models derives from physical understanding of interactions between LS flow and moist tropical convection. Theoretical considerations are illustrated with an example of application to observational data from the Phase III of the Global Atmospheric Research Programme Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE).
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167278999001049
Related Software: EquationFreeGit; GitHub; Matlab; ODTLES; Expint; NICAM; EULAG; MPDATA
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