swMATH ID: 18490
Software Authors: Baldwin, J. F.; Martin, T. P.; Pilsworth, B. W.
Description: Fril - Fuzzy and Evidential Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence. Presents a theory of uncertainty, consistent with and combining the theories of probability and fuzzy sets. Extends the logic programming form of knowledge representation and method of inference to permit the inclusion of uncertainties such as probabilistic knowledge and fuzzy incompleteness. Describes the application to general areas of knowledge engineering including expert and decision-support systems, evidential and case-based reasoning, fuzzy control and databases. An accompanying disk for Macintosh and one for the IBM PC enables readers to implement the examples while following the text.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=545720
Related Software: Likelog; FPROLOG; XPath; XQuery; Ciao; Rfuzzy; KOMET; C4.5; UCI-ml; Fril++; FASILL; SPARQL; DeLorean; Fuzzydl; BousiProlog; ConceptNet; ML; BABEL; Refal; LFOIL
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