swMATH ID: 18613
Software Authors: Blaheta, Radim; Jakl, Ondřej; Starý, Jiří
Description: Library of parallel PCG solvers for problems of geomechanics. The paper describes two ways of parallelization, based on the displacement decomposition and domain decomposition, of the preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) method, which is used for the construction of solvers of the GEM32 finite element package. The crucial points of the algorithms, especially the preconditioning operation, are exposed. The second part of the paper reports the benefits of the parallelization for the solution of some real problems, including an example of large scale mathematical modelling in geomechanics.
Homepage: http://emis.ams.org/journals/AMUC/_contributed/algo2000/blajast.pdf
Keywords: preconditioned conjugate gradient method; parallelization; displacement decomposition; domain decomposition; incomplete factorization; Schwarz methods; large scale computations; GEM32 finite element package; geomechanics
Related Software: PVM
Cited in: 2 Publications

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