swMATH ID: 18673
Software Authors: Triska, Markus
Description: The Boolean constraint solver of SWI-prolog (system description). We present a new constraint solver over Boolean variables, available as {ssf library(clpb)} (documentation: url{http://eu.swi-prolog.org/man/clpb.html}) in SWI-Prolog. Our solver distinguishes itself from other available CLP() solvers by several unique features: First, it is written entirely in Prolog and is hence portable to different Prolog implementations. Second, it is the first freely available BDD-based CLP() solver. Third, we show that new interface predicates allow us to solve new types of problems with CLP() constraints. We also use our implementation experience to contrast features and state necessary requirements of attributed variable interfaces to optimally support CLP() constraints in different Prolog systems. Finally, we also present some performance results and comparisons with SICStus Prolog.
Homepage: http://eu.swi-prolog.org/man/clpb.html
Keywords: CLP(B); Boolean unification; decision diagrams; BDD
Related Software: DIMACS; SATO; SWI-Prolog; SICStus; Prolog; Walksat; CHIP
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