swMATH ID: 18708
Software Authors: Vshivkov, V.A.; Chernykh, G.G.; Sklyar, O.P.; Snytnikov, A.V.
Description: Application of the ChemPAK package for similation of a gas-dynamics reactor. he ChemPAK program package for solving direct problems of chemical kinetics with an arbitrary number of chemical reactions is suggested. The package contains an expandable library of one- and multiprocessor computational modules. The process of C1−C2 hydrocarbon’s pyrolysis in gas-dynamics reactor with emission has been numerically simulated using the ChemPak software package.
Homepage: https://www.degruyter.com/abstract/j/cppm.2009.4.4/cppm.2009.4.4.1288/cppm.2009.4.4.1288.xml
Keywords: flow reactor; wave front; methane pyrolysis
Related Software: AstroPhi; FISH; KROME; gooPhi; GPUPEGAS; CRASH; RAMSES; Pluto; Athena; HLLE; FFTW; NIRVANA; ReactOp; FLUENT
Cited in: 3 Publications

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