swMATH ID: 18832
Software Authors: Wang, X., Zhang, W., Zhang, Q., Li, G.-Z.
Description: MultiP-SChlo: multi-label protein subchloroplast localization prediction with Chous pseudo amino acid composition and a novel multi-label classifier. Motivation: Identifying protein subchloroplast localization in chloroplast organelle is very helpful for understanding the function of chloroplast proteins. There have existed a few computational prediction methods for protein subchloroplast localization. However, these existing works have ignored proteins with multiple subchloroplast locations when constructing prediction models, so that they can predict only one of all subchloroplast locations of this kind of multilabel proteins. Results: To address this problem, through utilizing label-specific features and label correlations simultaneously, a novel multilabel classifier was developed for predicting protein subchloroplast location(s) with both single and multiple location sites. As an initial study, the overall accuracy of our proposed algorithm reaches 55.52
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article/31/16/2639/321387
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