swMATH ID: 18882
Software Authors: S.Tsang; Y.Koh; G.Dobbie
Description: RP-tree: rare pattern tree mining. Most association rule mining techniques concentrate on finding frequent rules. However, rare association rules are in some cases more interesting than frequent association rules since rare rules represent unexpected or unknown associations. All current algorithms for rare association rule mining use an Apriori level-wise approach which has computationally expensive candidate generation and pruning steps. We propose RP-Tree, a method for mining a subset of rare association rules using a tree structure, and an information gain component that helps to identify the more interesting association rules. Empirical evaluation using a range of real world datasets shows that RP-Tree itemset and rule generation is more time efficient than modified versions of FP-Growth and ARIMA, and discovers 92-100
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-23544-3_21
Related Software: UCI-ml; FARMER; Carpenter; COBBLER; TitanicOR; BLOSOM; C4.5; LCM
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