swMATH ID: 19060
Software Authors: de Capitani, C., Petrakakis, K.
Description: de Capitani, C., Petrakakis, K.: The computation of equilibrium assemblage diagrams with Theriak/Domino software. The THERIAK-DOMINO Software is a program collection written by C. de Capitani to calculate and plot thermodynamic functions, equilibrium assemblages and rock-specific equilibrium assemblage diagrams (elsewhere also called pseudo-sections). This collection includes the following programs: Theriak, the heart of the collection, calculates the stable mineral assemblage and phase compositions for a given rock (bulk composition) at specified P,T conditions. Domino may calculate (a) equilibrium assemblage diagrams with selectable axes (P, T, components activity and logarithms of components activity), (b) Pseudo-binary or pseudo-ternary phase diagrams, (c) Phase compositional isopleths as well as density, volume or modal amount distributions; (d) Distribution of rock bulk parameters. Therbin and Therter calculate binary and ternary phase diagrams at constant P and/or T. Thalia and Thermo calculate the phase or assemblage dependence of thermodynamic parameters on T or P or (binary) composition. Guzzler and Explot are used to transform graphics information from the above programs to ’ready to use’ postscript files that can be viewed on screen or printed to a hard-copy. All programs are free for non-commercial purposes and may be used only at the user’s responsibility.
Homepage: http://titan.minpet.unibas.ch/minpet/theriak/theruser.html
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