swMATH ID: 19078
Software Authors: Mehring, Günther H.
Description: Nonlinear modelling, tutorial and manual. With an Appendix written by Wolfgang Prager and Jens Schwaiger. With CD-ROM. The aim of this booklet is to update ideas, algorithms and software on nonlinear modelling; it is a remake and a tribute paid to the author, G”unther H. Mehring, by his fellows Peter Sch”opf and Jens Schwaiger (Grazer Mathematische Berichte). The book contains a tutorial and a manual for the *NL* software. The tutorial on nonlinear modelling explains the *NL* basic ideas on nonlinear modelling, algorithms, and their correctness. Selected examples, prepared and annotated, support the theory and implementation results. The main fields considered are: evaluating functions, solving differential equations, fitting data, Fourier-analysis, used-defined libraries, statistical reference datasets. The manual for nonlinear programming describes the main characteristics of the *NL* program package devoted to the analysis of nonlinear models. There are presented the *NL* features, requirements, hands-on instructions for how to apply the *NL* program to specific problems of nonlinear modeling: numerics, equation systems, parameters, the *NL* output etc. Computational methods (integration and Fourier coefficients, statistics, multivariate models) are outlined. The appendix shows (with enclosed screenshots) how the *NL* program can be used step-by-step. The attached CD contains the software and the original plain text files on which the book contents was developed.
Homepage: https://www.zbmath.org/?q=an:05042775
Keywords: algorithms software; nonlinear modelling; *NL* software package; evaluating functions; solving differential equations; fitting data; Fourier analysis; textbook
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