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Software Authors: Tong, Hengqing; Kumar, T. Krishna; Huang, Yangxin
Description: DASC (Data Analysis and Statistical Computing): Developing econometrics. This textbook is primarily written for students of business economics in emerging or developing countries. It is also written for practitioners in the field of business analytics who are interested in data analysis procedures, treating data as useful sample information for their daily business.par Most chapters of the book are devoted to time series econometrics, and only one chapter is concerned with cross section issues. An additional chapter deals with multivariate statistical tools such as analysis of variance, factor analysis models, and canonical correlation analysis, to mention the most important ones. Particular emphasis is put on the mathematical analysis of econometric models, focusing on robust modeling as well as on Bayesian methods. But what is missing is the huge field of panel econometrics.par An issue that distinguishes this book from standard textbooks in econometrics relates to the applications and examples given in the different chapters. Most of the examples and exercises deal with economic problems in the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), which explains the title of the book. And different to most econometric textbooks, the authors emphasize the need to supplement the standard topics by examples from problems arising in these emerging economies.par The book is suited as a textbook for graduate students at business schools and for applied researchers as well as a reference book. Finally, the software package DASC, the electronic references and the data sets used in the examples can be downloaded frompar url{http://public.whut.edu.cn/slx/English/Login1.htm}.
Homepage: http://public.whut.edu.cn/slx/English/Login1.htm
Keywords: linear regression models; nonlinear regression models; nonparametric regression; simultaneous equation models; stationary time series; nonstationary time series; multivariate statistical analysis; discrete variable regression
Related Software: CopulaModel
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