swMATH ID: 1928
Software Authors: Gunji, T.; Kim, S.; Fujisawa, K.; Kojima, M.
Description: PHoMpara-parallel implementation of the polyhedral homotopy continuation method for polynomial systems. The polyhedral homotopy continuation method (PHoM) is known to be a successful method for finding all isolated solutions of a system of polynomial equations. PHoM, an implementation of the method in C++, finds all isolated solutions of a polynomial system by constructing a family of modified polyhedral homotopy functions, tracing the solution curves of the homotopy equations, and verifying the obtained solutions. A software package PHoMpara parallelizes PHoM to solve a polynomial system of large size. Many characteristics of the polyhedral homotopy continuation method make parallel implementation efficient and provide excellent scalability. Numerical results include some large polynomial systems that had not been solved.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00607-006-0166-2
Keywords: polynomials; parallel computation; numerical experiments; software package; polyhedral homotopy continuation method; numerical results
Related Software: PHCpack; PHoM; POLSYS_PLP; POLSYS_GLP; MonodromySolver; Macaulay2; DEMiCs; Bertini; Database of Polynomial Systems; PoSSo; Ninf-G/MPI
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