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Software Authors: Koyfman, Andrew
Description: Securing sensitive data with the Ingrian DataSecure platform Recent high profile data thefts have shown that perimeter defenses are not sufficient to secure important customer data. The damage caused by these thefts can be disastrous, and today an enterprise with poor data security may also find itself violating privacy legislation and be liable to civil lawsuits. The Ingrian DataSecure Platform presents an approach for protecting data inside the enterprise-and so to help eliminate many of the threats of data theft. par This paper demonstrates how an enterprise can prevent unauthorized data exposure by implementing column encryption in commercially available databases. Adding security at the database layer allows an enterprise to protect sensitive data without rewriting associated applications. Furthermore, large enterprises require scalable and easily administrable solutions. In order to satisfy this demand this paper introduces the concept of a Network-Attached Encryption Server, a central device with secure storage and extensive user access permissions for protecting persistent security credentials.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/11507840_19
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