swMATH ID: 19460
Software Authors: Hutchinson, Bradley R.
Description: TASCflow: Navier-Stokes CFD package for general and rotating machinery analysis. Description: TASCflow is a complete, 3D CFD software package which predicts turbulent or laminar viscous incompressible or compressible (subsonic, transonic and supersonic) flows in complex geometries. Application areas include pumps, hydraulic turbines, turbomachines, combustors, nuclear eactors, heat exchangers, aerodynamics, pneumatics, ballistics and projectiles, rocket motors, automotive, environmental flows and others. TASCflow contains models for combustion, particle tracking, rotating domains, porous media and conjugate heat transfer. Other features include grid embedding, arbitrary surface connectivity, multi-block grids and powerful coupled multigrid solvers. Numerical features include an element based assembly method, accurate advection term modeling using enhanced Skew Upwind discretization methods and an extensive suite of boundary conditions. TASCflow includes software for grid generation, pre- and post-processing and interactive flow visualization. Comprehensive service is provided with each installation. CFD users requiring accurate, efficient and robust prediction of fluid flows will benefit from using TASCflow.
Homepage: ftp://ftp.cray.com/applications/dir_apps_software/CFD/TASCflow.txt
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