swMATH ID: 19477
Software Authors: Yana Safonova, Anton Bankevich, Pavel A. Pevzner
Description: dipSPAdes: Assembler for Highly Polymorphic Diploid Genomes. dipSPAdes is a genome assembler designed specifically for diploid highly polymorphic genomes based on SPAdes. It takes advantage of divergence between haplomes in repetitive genome regions to resolve them and construct longer contigs. dipSPAdes produces consensus contigs (representing a consensus of both haplomes for the orthologous regions) and performs haplotype assembly. Note that dipSPAdes can only benefit from high polymorphism rate (at least 0.4
Homepage: http://spades.bioinf.spbau.ru/release3.0.0/dipspades_manual.html
Related Software: GAGE; Velvet; HaploMerger; Hapsembler; Meraculous-2D; Sibelia; CAMSA; hybridSPAdes; GTED; HINGE; Canu; Bandage; Unicycler; AGB; Asgan; PathRacer; CYNTENATOR; i-ADHoRe; Minimap2; SPAdes
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