swMATH ID: 1953
Software Authors: Fischer, Patrick; Baudoux, Guy; Wouters, Johan
Description: WavPred: a wavelet-based algorithm for the prediction of transmembrane proteins Mathematical filtering using wavelet transforms was applied to analyse hydropathy signals of membrane proteins. The accuracy of our localization of transmembranes approaches that of well-established methods. The analysis of hydrohobicity plots using wavelets presents advantages with respect to other “filtering” methods based on fixed windows or Fourier transforms and compared to “training” (neural networks) techniques. Although the method embodies principles that have long been appreciated, its simplicity makes it a very useful tool for the evaluation of protein membrane-spanning segments. Generalization of use of wavelets should be encouraged in other aspects of bioinformatics.
Homepage: http://projecteuclid.org/DPubS?service=UI&version=1.0&verb=Display&handle=euclid.cms/1118150398
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