swMATH ID: 19584
Software Authors: Karmakar, Sandip; Chowdhury, Dipanwita Roy
Description: NOCAS: a nonlinear cellular automata based stream cipher. LFSR and NFSR are the basic building blocks in almost all the state of the art stream ciphers like Trivium and Grain-128. However, a number of attacks are mounted on these type of ciphers. Cellular Automata (CA) has recently been chosen as a suitable structure for crypto-primitives. In this work, a stream cipher is presented based on hybrid CA. The stream cipher takes 128 bit key and 128 bit initialization vector (IV) as input. It is designed to produce \(2^{{128}}\) random keystream bits and initialization phase is made faster 4 times than that of Grain-128. We also analyze the cryptographic strength of this cipher. Finally, the proposed cipher is shown to be resistant against known existing attacks.
Homepage: https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01196137
Keywords: cellular automata; stream cipher; NMix; hybrid nonlinear cellular automata
Related Software: Grain; Trivium
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