swMATH ID: 19627
Software Authors: J. Siekmann, S. Hess, C. Benzmüller, L. Cheikhrouhou, A. Fiedler, H. Horacek, M. Kohlhase, K. Konrad, A. Meier, E. Melis, M. Pollet, V. Sorge
Description: LΩUI: Lovely ΩMEGA User Interface. The capabilities of a automated theorem prover’s interface are essential for the effective use of (interactive) proof systems. LΩUI is the multi-modal interface that combines several features: a graphical display of information in a proof graph, a selective term browser with hypertext facilities, proof and proof plan presentation in natural language, and an editor for adding and maintaining the knowledge base. LΩUI is realized in an agent-based client-server architecture and implemented in the concurrent constraint programming language Oz.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs001650050053?LI=true
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Cited in: 9 Publications

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