swMATH ID: 19653
Software Authors: Leopardi, Paul Charles; Womersley, Robert S.
Description: Porting a sphere optimization program from LAPACK to ScaLAPACK. The sphere optimization program sphopt was originally written as a sequential program using lapack, and was converted to use scalapack, primarily to overcome memory limitations. The conversion was relatively straightforward, using a small number of organizing principles which are widely applicable to the scalapack parallelization of serial code. The main innovation is the use of a compressed block cyclic storage scheme to store two symmetric matrices in little more than the storage needed for one matrix. The resulting psphopt program scales at least as well as the scalapack Cholesky decomposition routine which it uses.
Homepage: https://journal.austms.org.au/ojs/index.php/ANZIAMJ/article/view/1442
Related Software: L-BFGS-B; ScaLAPACK; LAPACK
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