swMATH ID: 1969
Software Authors: Srinivasa, K.G.; Sharath, S.; Venugopal, K.R.; Patnaik, Lalit M.
Description: GaXsearch: An XML information retrieval mechanism using genetic algorithms The XML technology, with its self-describing and extensible tags, is significantly contributing to the next generation semantic web. The present search techniques used for HTML and text documents are not efficient to retrieve relevant XML documents. In this paper, Genetic Algorithms are presented to learn about the tags, which are useful in indexing. The indices and relationship strength metric are used to extract fast and accurate semantically related elements in the XML documents. The Experiments are conducted on the DataBase systems and Logic Programming (DBLP) XML corpus and are evaluated for precision and recall. The proposed GaXsearch outperforms XSEarch and XRank with respect to accuracy and query execution time.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/73wp158hw6266774/
Related Software: XSearch
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